About Rosary

Rosary Matriculation School was founded in the year 1950 by the Institution of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, a Society registered under the Societies Registration Act, having its office at Chennai. An atmosphere of joyous freedom, conducive to personality development and fulfilment through self-control and self direction, leads to spontaneous involvement of all pupils in the organisation and discipline of the school. This is the essence of the House system. Every child from Std. I upwards is allocated to one of the 4 Houses. This gives a sense of identity, and helps a child develop the finer points of loyalty, co-operation and a team spirit. High standards are also maintained by the stimulation of healthy competition between the Houses. Every pupil is expected to play her part to the full. All members of the Staff are fully involved in the educative activities of the School. Close co-operation between home and school has been one of the dynamic influences in the development of this type of education   ...more

Our Foundress

Born on 21st May 1839 in Nantes, France, into a noble Christian family, Hélène Marie Philippine de Chappotin de Neuville, in religion Mary of the Passion, showed from childhood eminent natural gifts and a deep faith. In April 1856, during a retreat, she first experienced a call from God to a life of total consecration. The unforeseen death of her mother delayed its realisation. In December 1860, with the consent of the Bishop of Nantes, she entered the Poor Clares whose ideal of the simplicity and poverty of Saint Francis attracted her.

On 23rd January 1861, while still a postulant, she had a profound experience of God who invited her to offer herself as a victim for the Church and the Pope. This experience marked her for life. A short time after, having become seriously ill, she had to leave the monastery. When she was well again, her confessor directed her towards the Society of Marie Reparatrice. She entered with them in 1864 and on the following 15th August, in Toulouse, she received the religious habit with the name of Mary of the Passion.

In March 1865, while still a novice, she was sent to India, to the Apostolic Vicariate of Madurai, confided to the Society of Jesus. The Reparatrice sisters there had the task of formation of sisters of an autochthonous congregation as well as being involved in other apostolic activities. It was there, that she pronounced her temporary vows on 3rd May 1866.   ...more